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    Coimbra & Aveiro (R)

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    On the banks of the river Mondego, Coimbra is famous for its University, the oldest in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe, which over time has shaped its image to become “the city of students”. Come with us and get to know the traditions of one of the most important cities, once the Capital, of our Country!

    Aveiro is known as The Venice of Portugal due to the network of channels that invade and give life to the city and through where circulate the colourful “Moliceiros” boats. The shop windows, decorated with the famous treat “ovos moles”, invite you to come in and savor! By the sea line we arrive at Costa Nova: what an unforgettable landscape!


    Explore the traditions and the rich heritage of these two cities: Coimbra, the City of Knowledge, and Aveiro, where the cod was once salted!

    Pick-Up: 09h00 | Drop-Off: 18h00

  • Douro Toursimage_1_1411039398

    Douro Valley (R)

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    Join us and admire the breathtaking view of the Douro Valley. The Douro Valley has magical and unique landscapes in perfect harmony with the river that gives it its name. It is the oldest Demarcated Wine Region of the World and is recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO. With departure from Porto, where the river and the Douro and Port wines produced on its slopes flow, you will not be indifferent to this enchanted Valley!


    Come experience the best wines: we offer you!

    Pick-Up: 09h00 | Drop-Off: 18h00

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    Fátima & Coimbra (R)

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    Visit the sacred Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, one of the world's leading religious sites, which welcomes thousands of pilgrims every year, drawn by apparitions of the Virgin Mary. The houses of the three little Shepards, located in Aljustrel, have been left mostly unchanged and are also part of this Tour.

    Coimbra, located on a hill by the Mondego River, is, historically, an university city: the University of Coimbra is one of the oldest in Europe and the largest in Portugal. Come with us and get to know the traditions of one of the most important cities of our Country!


    Join us on this spiritual and cultural journey and absorb our religious and university traditions, of which we are proud. It will be a pleasure to have your company!

    Pick-Up: 09h00 | Drop-Off: 18h00

  • Guimaraes Tours20160513_115447

    Guimarães & Braga (R)

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    The historical center of Guimarães, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is full of history. Visit a city that combines its characteristic medieval character with the dynamism that gives it modernity. Here was where our first king was born, alongside our Nation!

    Being located in the center of the province of Minho, it is common to say that Braga gathers a little of all of it and that all of it has a bit of Braga. Come and visit one of the oldest Christian cities in the world, the second best European Destination of 2019 and one of the most important in Portugal. You’ll be delighted!


    Pay attention to their particularities of these two important cities and we guarantee that you will spend an unforgettable day!

    Pick-Up: 09h00 | Drop-Off: 18h00

  • Porto Tours

    Half Day in Porto (R)

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    Allow yourself to travel through the streets of the city that gave the name to Portugal and whose historical center is vividly highlighted by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Known for its harmonious beauty, its tradition and its hospitable character, you will not be indifferent to the Old, Very Noble, Always Loyal and Invicta City of Porto!


    Join us through a visit of the magnificent historical center of Porto, Capital of Northern Portugal, on a journey through its traditions and culture!

    Pick-Up: 09h00 / 14h00 | Drop-Off: 13h00 / 18h00

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    Santiago de Compostela & Viana do Castelo (R)

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    Classified as World Heritage since 1985, and the most cosmopolitan city of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela has attracted visitors and pilgrims from all over the world for centuries. Santiago is great, and so it makes us feel! Watch the Pilgrim’s Mass at this important religious center, in a spiritual environment that welcomes those who achieve their goal.

    The “Minhota” hospitality, with its rich gastronomy and vibrant traditions, make of Viana do Castelo a point of obligatory stop for those who visit the Minho region. The city’s landscapes will delight your senses! Nestled between the Lima river and the Atlantic Ocean, Viana do Castelonis a city of great monumental and historical wealth.


    Two countries in one day. Follow us on this sacred journey!

    Pick-Up: 08h00 | Drop-Off: 19h00